The Journey to Adulthood


Most young children think that they will be full grown adults when they reach the age of eighteen. Eighteen year olds often believe they do not have to grow up and have full adulthood responsibilities until they finish college. College graduates can feel the need to search for their future passion in life. The thought of still being young and the need for adventures can limit their growth to becoming a fully responsible “adult”.

Young adults can pretend and play house and yet not fully understand the actual impact and responsibility of  being a contributor to society.  The importance of purpose. The need to impact the world around them in whatever way they are called to do so. There is an ah-ha moment when a twenty-something year old finds their niche. It can be the ability to bring great work ethics and passion to a job, finding a deep calling in your spiritual path and taking it to the next step, or finding your purpose is to invest in and raise the next generation.

The journey to adulthood is unique and tailored to ones life experiences and choices. It can be painful. It can be exciting. Most wish there could be magic and instant transformation from an immature, mistake making adolescent to a mature and seasoned adult. Some may never even finish their journey to adulthood.

The worst path for any person on this journey is the stagnate state of passive living. Not searching for their niche. Not having the desire to live a life with a purpose and a calling. It is the easiest path for a young adult to find themselves in. It is also the hardest path to escape from. Once a person finds themselves there they have to make a difficult journey on an unbeaten path to save themselves from the trap of just being ordinary. From living in a stagnate state. Every person has a desire to be extraordinary, yet it is so easy to blend into the crowd and find yourself just trying to get by.

My desire is that my generation can find themselves not just having a persona of passion but instead have a deep calling to be and do more then the obvious. Not just to grow up but to take that journey to adulthood to an entirely new level of growth and purpose. Not to just exist but to be constantly impacting those around us. To use that calling deep within us. To find what stirs us and not let go. And finally, to not let the easy path deter us from the most rewarding path of self discovery and purpose.


About ashleydawnhenry

Married to my best friend. Mother of two beautiful children.
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